About us

  1. About Kuleana group

The Kuleana  is a non – profit, political and religious group of seven dedicated teachers from secondary schools and one community member which is legally registered by the government of Tanzania on 05/7/2016 with registration number MJ/HWM/05072016358. The group is free to any teacher and community member who is interested in teaching life skill education in schools, serving women and children to make them understand their human rights and duties legally and develop their own potential for their development.

On top of that the group aims the following:-

  • To sensitize the general skills and knowledge to society so that they can give education to their children which will promote their general culture, and enable them on basis of equal opportunity to develop their sense of moral and social responsibility and to become the useful member of the society.
  • To make researches on children rights and problems. Describe how the national constitution function on women and girl child and the position of the society act in relation to antihuman rights in the existing legal context.
  • To communicate and collaborate with various government institutions, public and private organizations, individual internally and externally, seek advice and donations for the sake of implementations of researches and projects for the needy in organization
  • To unite, engage and promote girls especially adolescents from various levels to participate in different productive projects and entrepreneurships which will eradicate poverty and create sound wealth in their respective projects hence solving the critical problem of unemployment by engaging them within society programs
  • Increase knowledge of girls menstrual care, confidence and reduce number of school girls miss in school during menstruation period, this will lead better academic performance among girls in schools
  • To improve health for adolescence girls and boys and empower them to appreciate their bodies, reproductive health, and health gender relationship.
  • To provide needy adolescence with donated resource for hygienically and safely managing their periods for at least 18 months up to 3 years.