The Kuleana  is a non – profit, political and religious group of seven dedicated teachers from secondary schools and one community member which is legally registered by the government of Tanzania on 05/7/2016 with registration number MJ/HWM/05072016358. The group is free to any teacher and community member who is interested in teaching life skill education in schools, serving women and children to make them understand their human rights and duties legally and develop their own potential for their development.

On top of that the group aims the following:-

  • To sensitize the general skills and knowledge to society so that they can give education to their children which will promote their general culture, and enable them on basis of equal opportunity to develop their sense of moral and social responsibility and to become the useful member of the society.
  • To make researches on children rights and problems. Describe how the national constitution function on women and girl child and the position of the society act in relation to antihuman rights in the existing legal context.
  • To communicate and collaborate with various government institutions, public and private organizations, individual internally and externally, seek advice and donations for the sake of implementations of researches and projects for the needy in organization
  • To unite, engage and promote girls especially adolescents from various levels to participate in different productive projects and entrepreneurships which will eradicate poverty and create sound wealth in their respective projects hence solving the critical problem of unemployment by engaging them within society programs
  • Increase knowledge of girls menstrual care, confidence and reduce number of school girls miss in school during menstruation period, this will lead better academic performance among girls in schools
  • To improve health for adolescence girls and boys and empower them to appreciate their bodies, reproductive health, and health gender relationship.
  • To provide needy adolescence with donated resource for hygienically and safely managing their periods for at least 18 months up to 3 years.

The ongoing project run by Kuleana are:-

  1. stationery and poultry project. This project started in 2012 with the aim of providing school need for students who come from disadvantaged family. The project was initiated by Stephen Makere who attended Youth Leadership program with Sub Saharan Africa in USA and Catherine Njau. This project was supported by Boldleader. 10 Students benefited with the projectP0ULTRY PROJECT PRESENTATION
  2. Library project. This project was initiated by Catherine Njau, Stephen Makere and Riah Werner who was a Peace Corps Volunteer in Mboni secondary School. The project aimed to improve permanence among secondary school students by providing text books and other teaching materials. The project is running well and students have been using the Library and performance increased
  3. English language, comedy life skill and drama club. This project was initiated by catherine Njau and Stephen Makere. This projects aims to improve English skills of writing, reading, speaking and listening among secondary school students. The students learn different skills in life so as to be acceptable member of society. English club meet every Tuesday and Wednesday and life skill club meet every Monday. We have been volunteering to teach life skill education in Schools, currently 30 schools with 9000 students benefited from the program. in life skill students are trained on various issues in life like relationship skill, communication skills, decision making skills, early pregnancy, alcohol and drug abuse to mention few. All the program intents to increase performance of students in schools and give them skills to live better in society.

Drama and song during English club meeting.

Life skill training in schools.


  1. Menstrual education and hygienic education in School. This project was initiated by Catherin Njau and Riah Warner with support from Huru International of Kenya. The aim of the project is to reduce number of days girls miss to school because of inadequate menstrual care. The project benefited 1500 girls by providing re usable sanitary pads which last for 5 years, and the project has brought a positive impact among girl students, we managed to reduce the number of days girls miss to school and performance has increased dramatically. The demand of re usable sanitary pad is high and we still request all good wishers to contribute to this project. Each re usable kit cost T. sh. 30,000/= which is expensive for students, we encourage you to support the project. On the other hand we train students on hygienic education including hand washing, puberty education, personal hygiene, early pregnancy and environmental awareness. We have several project on that please visit our website on the side of project to see what we are doing and what we are planning to do. Here are some pictures showing what we are doing.

form four student from Mboni secondary school explains how to use re usable pads.

  1. play and learn project. This project involve primary school pupils into different sports and games. Before the games pupils learn English and other life skill lesson. The program aim to improve English language skills in primary school so as to prepare them for secondary school challenges where all subjects are taught in English language. Through this project kids participate in various physical exercises, football, netball to mention few. This program also keep kids busy and help them to avoid engaging in social evils in the society. The group members are volunteering toward the project and all kids meet every Sunday from 2 pm to 5pm. We welcome all stake holders to visit our site and support the project.

Please feel free to support us to empower our youth. For more information on how to donate please contact +255754258261 – Stephen Makere, project coordinator or or – +255769187032 or Visit our group account CRDB BANK, ACCOUNT NUMBER 0152217197500